In Cement industry , helical gear boxes of higher capacity are mainly used in Reducer, Hardner, Ball Mill, Conveyer system and Grinding Machine.


In chemical industries, reactor vessels are required for mixing different materials and during the process , chemical reaction also takes place. To rotate the vessels at proper speed and torque, Worm, Helical and Planetary gear boxes are needed based on volume and working usage.


Many kind of Gears and Gearboxes can use for Infrastructure Industries. Some of them are Adaptive Transmission, Post Hole Diggre Gearbox, Transmission 2500MH Gear for Infrastructure.

Material Handling

EOT crane , Gantry crane and other Material Handling equipments cannot work without Gear Boxes. Parrallel shaft Helical or horizontally mounted Worm Reduction Gear boxes are used for material lifting and Helical geared Motor or planetary or Worm Gear Box are used for cross and long travel.


Most of the mining equipments require high torque gear boxes as their requirement of service factor is high and also for uninterrupted mining operation in remote area.


Multi Stage Helical and Planetary Gear Boxes are used in many paper making machineries like Pulp Mill, lime sludge recovery plant, Wet washing system, Potcher washer and M.G. Cylinder.


Plastic Extrusion Processes require Single Screw Extruder Gear Box or Double Screw Gear Box. Further down the line Helical geared Motors or Worm Reduction Gear Boxes are required to run the machine day and night.


Many kind of Gears and Gearboxes can use for Power Industry. Some of them are High Power Gearbox, Planetary Gearbox.


Mixing of rubber requires high output which can be delivered by Helical or Worm Reduction GEAR Box. Calendaring also require Double Shaft Gear Box . Even rubber extrusion is not possible without Single Screw Extruder Gear Box.


Combined Gear Boxes, Rolling Mill drive and other special types of gear boxes are also used in Steel plants.


Different type of gear boxes are used at different stage of manufacturing like Tanden Sugar Mill, crystallizer drive and sugar Mill drive.

Wind Mills

Many kind of Gears and Gearboxes can use for Sugar Industry. Some of them are Wind Turbine Gearboxes, 1000k Speed Up Wind Turbine.